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Alternative Billing and Correspondence

XL Braille produces utility bills and statements every day for our energy and water company customers. We have been providing large volume, quick turn around alternative format billing for the energy industry since 1993. We dispatch the correspondence together with the alternative format bill direct to the visually impaired customer within 24 hours from the time it reaches us.

We respond rapidly to industry changes and Licence requirements. We change our templates when your bill design changes to comply with industry demands.

If you would like to discuss how we may help you fulfill your alternative format billing requirements contact us on 0117 955 7992.

We have:

  • Quick turnarounds - same or next day dispatch
  • Accurate, immaculate transcription
  • User-friendly formats
  • Database records of client's preferred format and special needs
  • Secure, confidential service
  • High volume production
  • Full proof reading and Braille verification
  • One point of contact Account Manager to answer any queries